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Cheyenne Challenger

6230 Central Avenue,
Portage, IN

Who is Rainstormtats?


Welcome! My name is Cheyenne Challenger and I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. I am a full time artist based in Portage, Indiana and have been calling Bluebird Tattoo home for years now. I've had an artistic hand since the diaper days. With the goal of being a tattoo artist at just 8 years old, I finally began my tattooing journey back in 2019. After a few pandemic sized bumps, I officially graduated my apprenticeship in February of 2022. 

My style is best identified as "trippy trad." I am a big fan of bold lines, bright colors and trippy twists. I specialize in glitter tattoos; however, I'm also well versed in full color and black and gray. I strive to create unique, custom pieces for my clients, so they can express themselves through my art. I look forward to working with you.

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